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Guide to Fly Fishing Taupo Rivers in Winter

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If you are new to fly fishing for trout in the rivers of the Taupo region of New Zealand during winter or have been struggling to consistently catch trout in them, then this course is for you. The course will teach you everything you need to know to consistently catch trout during the famous winter spawning runs of the rivers of the Taupo region like the famous Tongariro River. You'll learn how the fishery works, where to fish, what methods and flies to use as well as all the public access points and pools on all the major rivers in the region. To achieve this goal the course will teach you the 3 key areas you need to master to catch trout consistently during winter in the Taupo region. 1. How the trout behave in the Taupo rivers during winter and how it changes the way you fish for them. 2. The best methods to use to catch trout in winter including all the gear, flies, leaders lines etc. and how to set it up. 3. Where to find the fish from stream mouths to specific pools in the 4 major rivers as well as all the public access points to fish. Once you have put these three pieces of the winter fly fishing puzzle together you will be ready to take on the trout of the Taupo region during the world-famous winter runs.


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